Celebrating our dogs

Celebrating our dogs

We all need something lovely and happy and un-Covid-y and un-political and un-pollution-y in these troubling times, so…

…I give you my dogs getting fΓͺted this morning in the lovely Nepalese tradition of “kukur tihar”.

All our staff is Nepalese, and so this morning we stood downstairs on the lawn and Tommy and Leia were garlanded, and had a red tikka put on them, and then were given biscuits.

This tradition, celebrated on the 2nd day of Diwali, is – for me – an utter joy. It is short ‘n sweet ‘n full of affection.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Leia was first in line, with Rajkumari
All eyes on the biscuits
Suitable caption for this? How about “Is that red stuff edible?”
First the tika
Then the garland
Tommy’s turn…
…while Leia is totally focused on the biscuits
Yem Bahadur, Sushma and Rajkumari. Their youngest daughter, Poonam, works nights, so missed the ceremony as she hadn’t yet got home from work
Then Nar Bahadur and Basant joined in the ceremony.
Then Shiv the guard, to add a non-Nepali touch πŸ™‚
Two happy, pampered, biscuit-filled, much-loved dogs

Now, don’t you feel happier after reading this?

Better than politics any day, right?


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