Thanks a ton, Delhi!

Thanks a ton, Delhi!

Hello, Namaste and Good Morning from post-Diwali Delhi.

Courtesy NDTV

This morning we have woken up to filthy, smelly air, as the citizens of this capital city cheerfully/wilfully/shamelessly/selfishly** ignored the ban on crackers and fireworks last night, and blasted away to glory.

(** choose your own word here. That should keep the trolls happy, right? I’ve already had sarky comments on Twitter because of my Tweet about the crap AQI. And while on the subject of trolls, WHY are Indian trolls so sensitive about everything? Even pollution. Surely no-one in their right mind thinks pollution is good?!)


Enough about trolls.

So, to be fair, there were admittedly less crackers than, say, 5/6 years ago, but in a city poleaxed by filthy air every year, and in a city where we had horrific Covid deaths just a few months ago, you’d have hoped for sense.

For restraint.

For consideration of those still suffering long Covid effects.

But no.

This city, I’m afraid, showed itself in its true colours.

Noise and pollution over good sense.

Noise and pollution over consideration.

Noise and pollution over just following the god-damned rules.

It was clearly too much to hope for…

Every year, I swear I will never spend another Diwali in Delhi.

So yes, I have only myself to blame for staying in my own home instead of fleeing…

And yeah, I am indeed irritated and grouchy and not at all feeling the Diwali vibe. Must be the low-grade headache and the itchy eyes.


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