It was with a distinct sense of déjà vu that I read an article in my morning paper today about the planned revamp of the river Yamuna.

“Cycling track…pedestrian walkway…parking…eco-trail…” this all sounded vaguely familiar and so I checked my trusty blog archives & bingo!

Over 11 years ago, I shared with you in a blog post right here, an article I’d read about making the Yamuna like the Thames. The time frame was 5 years and the ambitions were lofty.

To be fair the Signature Bridge was built. I blogged here about visiting that, too.

So today’s early morning déjà vu feeling was spot on.

We have indeed been here before, talking about cleaning up the river.

Cleaning up the ghats.

Making pedestrian walkways and loos and parking.

Here’s hoping that this time it will all comes to fruition and that scenes like these, below, will soon be a thing of the past, remembered only in my blog archives 😛

But for the record, this was the ground reality this morning at the Yamuna, when devotees celebrated the first day of “Chhath Puja”.

I would describe myself as a person of faith.

But the kind of faith these people have is beyond me. To bathe in ammonia-filled, toxic water…

I actually have no words.

If you’re interested in learning more about this particular ritual, which is largely celebrated by Biharis, here’s a link for you, with the rather odd headline “Chhath Puja Devotees Frolic In Toxic, White Foam In Yamuna”.

Frolic, huh?

Well, touch wood, with serious players like Intach on board for this new revamping project, perhaps, finally, the filthy river will be cleaned up, and this toxicity will be a thing of the past.

We must keep the faith.

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