Is Delhi heading for lockdown?

Is Delhi heading for lockdown?

I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of our toxic “air” here in Delhi.

If you haven’t here you go:

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will see my daily story about the terrible AQI.

I’ve blogged about it, too. This year and every year for God knows how long.

And now, just after Delhi’s schools had finally re-opened after the Covid crisis, they have been closed for a week, because of the terrible air pollution.

Government staff will work from home.

Construction activities are banned from 14th-17th November.

Given the fact that Delhi is connected to and sandwiched between states where stubble burning is happening, and where there is free movement of traffic, we cannot really act effectively alone.

There needs to be a concerted effort from everyone – including the Central government which remains steadfastly silent on the current environmental crisis. Delhi cannot seal itself off from the toxic air nor the toxic river that flows through it, but at least our Chief Minister is trying.

But unless our neighbours also act, it is doomed to be a failure.

Unless the central government takes action, we are doomed to live through these horrors year after year.

There was some talk about an impending lockdown on social media – aka Twitter and one of my running WhatsApp groups 😛 – but it was this statement yesterday evening that caught my attention:

Locking us down because of the toxic air quality.

Meanwhile, we live with air purifiers on around the clock, and the windows all shut tight, and we hardly go out – and even so, I have a low-grade headache and itchy eyes all the time.

If I feel unwell, protected as I am and able to afford to protect myself, just imagine the situation of people who cannot afford an air purifier, nor the luxury of staying at home. They are being poisoned

The mere fact of living in this city is killing its citizens.

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