When Engels, Marx, Lenin & Ho Chi Minh got together

When Engels, Marx, Lenin & Ho Chi Minh got together

On a day full of pollution worries, and the usual political nonsense, I bring you THE most divine story, 100% guaranteed to banish any gloomy thoughts.

Is this not the best headline ever?

Do you remember the absolute fabulous story I shared with you here a few months ago, about the brothers Socialism, Communism and Leninsim? Here’s the link 🙂

Well, here is yet another brilliant-monniker-wedding story for you from Kerala.

From left to right: Marx, the groom, Engels, the bride, Bismitha, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh 

So Engels got married, and amongst his guests were Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh. Obviously.

These names are too smashing, and young Mr. Engels sound lovely. Yes, indeed, he’d like to give his children Communist names, but has to check with his wife. Go Engels!

And not that it’s ANY of my business, of course, but I do hope Bismitha agrees 🙂

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