Murder most fowl

Murder most fowl

Some days, you wonder if it’s April Fool’s Day, and you somehow forgot…like this morning when I saw this headline in my morning paper:

“Odisha man says 63 chickens died due to loud music”

Don’t believe me?

Here you go, oh ye of little faith 😛

Now as a vegetarian – well, actually, a pescatarian – I have been horrified by recent reports that crabs and lobsters feel pain, and am currently wrestling with that dilemma.

But I digress.

I haven’t eaten meat in nigh on 20 years, and get saddened every time I see chickens crammed in tiny wire cages being transported on bikes around Delhi – a common enough sight. They are all on the way to a butcher’s I imagine.

But this case is interesting, because it does make you think (after you’ve had an initial giggle at the kinda dottiness of the case…)

Could loud music indeed frighten birds to death?

We shall never know in this particular case, and yes, indeed, the brilliant last sentence of the report is a belter 🙂

“No details are available on what music the DJ was playing.”

In the spirit of true disclosure, I must admit that I swiped the title of this blog post from the India Today website, which also informs us that a settlement was eventually reached.

But we still don’t know what exact music caused the demise of these poor critters, who were destined to be killed anyway – they were on a broiler farm, let us not forget.

But a cracker of a story 🙂

Unless you were one of the 63 chickens, of course…

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