Breaking news! Indian aviation is opening up

Breaking news! Indian aviation is opening up

We began today with the awful news of a frightening new Covid variant in Southern Africa.

And we are ending the day with news, just breaking, that international flights will resume to & from India on December 15th.

So it’s good and bad news in equal measure.

Good that some semblance of “normal” is returning – though there are already 14 countries excluded from the list from the start:

The countries which do not feature on the list are the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Singapore.”

Please God the list doesn’t get extended.

Bad news is this wretched new variant.

How much more can we all take?

As a global community, every single one of us is exhausted and fed up – and now, just when we were beginning to think that perhaps the worst was over, we get hit with B.1.1.529, as the new variant is currently known.

South Africa is very dear to my heart – we used to live there – and we have loads of friends there.

China, where my son lives, is on the list.

The UK, where my sister lives, is on the list.

Mauritius, where we also used to live and have friends, is on the list.

But going beyond the current “selfish” (ie personal) implications of still being restricted vis-à-vis several countries which I’d otherwise like to visit, the thought of traveling again is awesome.

Stay safe, everyone, and if there is more “breaking news”, I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Kathakoli Dasgupta

    Things changing daily! Quarantine rules in india re-imposed this morning! Dave won’t be able to come now. We are all so sad.
    Bet by the time I fly out, I will have to quarantine in the UK.

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