“Love solves all problems in life”

“Love solves all problems in life”


Am feeling pretty darn sorry for myself right now.

Between the disgusting air pollution here in Delhi which is completely wrecking any attempts at running and training outdoors


The near-certainty that yet again I won’t get to see my children this Christmas


The whole damned Covid mess getting that much more frightening with the new Omicron variant


A whole lot of other political rubbish that will only get me trolled if I write about it…

So the choice was either to weep and shriek and moan all over you.


To give you a delightful cheer-y-uppy story.

So voilà, here you go – an ADORABLE story from the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, where a lovely-sounding man has built a replica of the Taj Mahal for his wife 🙂

Here are Mr. & Mrs. Chouksey, who look just so damn nice and normal and happy, bless them:

And a sneak peek inside their home:

Chouksey now plans to mount an Indian flag on top of the main dome and add symbols from India’s most popular religions to the four minarets surrounding his new manor.

The thing I love the best about this man is his statement (below):

“We want to send a message of peace and religious harmony. There is a lot of hate around. Love solves all problems in life and Taj Mahal is a symbol of that,” he said

Mr. Chouksey, you are so so right, and I love your philosophy. India needs all the religious harmony possible these days, so thank you for saying so!

Just remember, everyone, that “love solves all problems in life” 🙂

Sending you all love and peace and hoping that we all stay safe and healthy 🙂


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