New travel restrictions into India?

New travel restrictions into India?

Just 4 days ago, I shared with you here the breaking news that flights to/from India would resume on 15th December.

In the ensuing days, however, the new variant of Coronavirus, Omicron, has led to the shutting down of borders all over the world, and I think – sadly – that there will be more restrictions ahead for us all.

As to India, my home, the scheduled re-opening of flights will be even more more challenging.

New rules will come into force tomorrow in India, and I’m sharing a link here, to a more detailed article, listing these new rules.

BUT…the crucial sentence in the article I shared is the last one:

“Earlier today, the central government said it would review the resumption of scheduled international commercial flights.”

That sounds a tad worrying.

There is still, inevitably, lots of confusion online (Twitter especially)

So, like everyone else, I will just have to watch and wait, and see what transpires as we all negotiate our way through this awful situation.

For those of you who have already cancelled holiday travel plans, I feel for you.

For people due to return to India in the coming days, I hope the process isn’t too dire.

And, obviously, I’ll update you as and when I know more.

In the meantime, mask up people, and stay safe 🙂

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