News update! Night curfew in Delhi

News update! Night curfew in Delhi

As Covid cases sadly start their upward journey, and with Omicron ever-more present, night curfew has been imposed on Delhi as from tonight. It is from 11pm-5am and I’m not sure for how long it is place – till 31 December, definitely, but I don’t know if it will extend into January.

Night curfew was already in place in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and since their big cities of Gurgaon and Noida respectively form an unbroken connection to Delhi, it was inevitable that curfew be imposed here.

It is a good thing, and my only regret is that it isn’t doesn’t start earlier, because though it means people won’t be roaming around at midnight on New Year’s Eve, it also means that people can still go out and party, and be home by 11. Given the rising cases and the apparently cavalier attitude of some many of our fellow citizens, we need stricter rules.

I feel desperately sorry for all the restaurants and bars that were banking on New Year’s Eve to bring in some income. It is yet another body blow to them. They are the real victims, not the people who will have to stay home rather than going out to party. It is the small business that will suffer.

But the situation is deteriorating and we cannot, cannot, cannot have another wave, like the one we had in May and June.

That has to be avoided at all costs.

There is an interesting article on the Times of India website, which lists the probable next stages the government will have to take, to try and protect us…schools, cinemas, gyms…one by one, IF the situation gets worse, these will be closed down.

I urge you to read the article.

So wearisome. But it is the right thing to do.

Just stay home and stay safe, people. Please. For all our sakes.

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