Breaking news!  New restrictions in Delhi!

Breaking news! New restrictions in Delhi!

And here we go, my fellow Delhi-ites…we are now officially in the Yellow alert phase of the government’s GRAP (Graded Response Action Plan).

It’s an evolving story, but for now we know that night curfew has been increased from 11pm to 10pm, that schools will be closed, and as far as I can tell, the following restrictions are on the cards:

  • Delhi residents will have to face more stringent restrictions as the alert has been sounded on Tuesday. Though the union territory has not issued any guidelines yet, all the educational institutes might get closed for a brief period.
  • Besides, shops selling non-essential items will be opened on alternate days.
  • Malls will be open based on an odd-even formula from 10 AM to 8 PM. 
  • Only one weekly market per zone with 50% vendors will be allowed to open. 
  • The transport capacity of metros and other public buses will be halved. Marriage and funeral will also see a cut in the list of attendees.
  • Spas, gyms, yoga institutes and entertainment parks will remain closed, but outdoor yoga will be allowed.
  • Cinema halls, multiplexes, banquet halls and auditoriums will remain shut.
  • Hotels will remain open but banquets and conference halls inside the hotel will remain closed.
  • Sports complexes, stadiums and swimming pools will also be closed in yellow alert, although national or international sports events can be held.
  • Only 20 people will be allowed to attend the wedding ceremony and funeral.
  • Religious places will remain open but entry of devotees will be restricted. 
  • There is also a provision to ban social, political, religious, festival and entertainment-related activities in this alert.

This is from The Mint’s website.

I’ll update you if there’s anything hugely different from this list.

I know many of you will have seen the visuals of packed market places, as people seemed to ignore the very existence of Covid – and it looks as though we are now, collectively, paying the price.

Sheer stupidity!!!

As I said yesterday, it’s the small business owners who I feel really sorry for, since this may well be the final blow. Any hopes of making some money over New Year, after a terrible business year, are now doomed.

But our (state) government is doing its best, and I fully endorse their decision.

And yes, I know we are a Union Territory and not a state, but non-Indian readers might not understand otherwise.

The Delhi Chief Minister, doing the best he can, in trying circumstances

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Liz

    Less than 45% of the population fully vaccinated. Is it the people or the government who lack the will to vaccinate more?
    I just can’t see how halving public transport and opening shops on alternate days will help. Surely that makes them more crowded? Curfew just crowds more activity into less time and means people spend more time inside. There is a lot of evidence that household/hospital transmission is the biggest problem, especially in poorly ventilated buildings.
    I fear that only the arrival of warmer weather will kill off this year’s version but hopefully with omicron India will not see the high death/infection rates of delta. We can but pray.

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