Breaking news!  Weekend curfew in Delhi

Breaking news! Weekend curfew in Delhi

And here we go again.

It was announced earlier today that Delhi will have curfew this weekend, from 10pm Friday – 5am Monday. I’m not sure if it is just for this one weekend, or whether it will be every weekend until we all start behaving sensibly/Omicron leaves us, but curfew it is.


“All government officials except for those engaged in essential services will work from home. 50% workforce of private offices will work from home”

Interestingly, the 50% occupancy restrictions in public transport have been removed, and buses and the metro can now operate at 100% capacity – makes sense, in a way, because the photos of huge crowds outside metro stations made no sense.

Rajni, the lovely lady who gives me massages, tells me there are huge, impatient crowds at bus stops, because buses were only operating at 50% capacity and that extra buses were not put into service.

Buses and metro will function at 100 per cent but not without a mask. There is nothing to worry about. Make masks your shield.” Earlier, both services were ordered to operate at half their capacity but that led to chaotic long queues and crowds. 

Much as I admire and respect our feisty Chief Minister, Mr. Kejriwal (who has himself gone down with Covid), I do wonder what good a weekend curfew will do?

A total circuit breaker is needed, to be honest – but I suppose the economic implications of that are just too awful to contemplate.

Apparently, Delhi’s infection positivity rate should technically put us into the most serious and draconian level of restrictions, but they are sticking with the lowest level – all about economics and livelihoods again. But with a weekend curfew.

The next level up from where we are now will see parks closed, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we stay at the yellow level and don’t move onto amber.

One by one, different states are imposing their own rules, schools are closing all over the country, and yet the political rallies continue unabated.

Maharashtra, home to Mumbai (Bombay) the country’s economic powerhouse, is also battling rising infection rates.

For example, the state of West Bengal is limiting flights from Mumbai and Delhi, and had banned flights from the UK.

It’s as though everyone is flailing around trying to stop the wretched virus, without actually doing the obvious thing like banning political rallies.

There is a definite sense of déjà vu, but I can’t bear even to contemplate what could happen if Omicron surges the way Delta did last year.

We cannot go through the horrors of 2021.

We. Cannot.

So there is no option but to buckle up for a tough ride ahead and follow the rules and stay home.

Please take care of yourselves.

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  1. Jane Binstead

    A little comfort – although our infection rates are horrendous, the rates for serious illness and worse are still much lower than with Delta. Helped by high vaccination rates I’m sure.

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