Day 1 Delhi curfew round-up

Day 1 Delhi curfew round-up

Day One of curfew is drawing to a close – meaning I’ll soon get up from my computer, and head down to have a glass of wine and we’ll watch a movie.

Yet another Saturday night in, pretty much as we have done every Saturday since mid-February 2020…

But I am not complaining.

On what has been a miserably grey, cold and very rainy day, it’s a privilege to have a roof over one’s head – the plight of our pavement-dwellers just does not bear thinking about.

The foul weather must’ve helped the curfew-compliance, ‘cos unless you had to be out today – why would you?

Delhi this morning…

The other by-product of the downpours is that our air quality has “improved” to ‘poor’ from ‘very poor’.

I tell ya, this is not an easy city in which to live.

I read earlier on that on Monday Delhi may move to red alert, if our Covid cases keep on increasing.

As the national capital witnesses record-rise in Covid-19 cases, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has decided to convene a meeting on Monday to discuss the future preparation to curb the rapid transmission of the fatal virus. As per the PTI news agency, the meeting will discuss whether to implement GRAP ( Level 4 Red) after reviewing the Covid situation in the national capital. It is the topmost level of restrictions, including a total curfew, in which all non-essential shops, government offices, metro, public transport will be shut. Under GRAP, Red Alert is sounded when Covid positivity crosses 5% and stays so for two consecutive days.

But I am stunned at this just-breaking-news:

The Guru’s birth anniversary tomorrow is an important religious date for Sikhs, and our Chief Minister (for whom I have a lot of time and respect, let it be said) is clearly playing the electoral card here.

Punjab, which is the Sikh heartland, is going to the polls soon, and our CM’s party is hoping to make inroads there.

And so we have this, making a nonsense of curfew.

I’m disappointed in Mr. Kejriwal, and also apprehensive about what will happen tomorrow. Please God the Sikh community will be sensible and cautious.

These updates are, I’m aware, very Delhi-centric, so I’ll try and get more info from the rest of the country, but for now, I’m signing off from chilly, damp Delhi. Rain is forecast again for tomorrow, but let’s hope there won’t be a repeat of the flooding.

I leave you with this sobering update:

Delhi reported 20,181 fresh Covid-19 cases, 11,869 recoveries and seven more deaths on Saturday. The positivity rate has gone up to 19.6% and there are 48,178 active cases.

Stay safe, everyone.


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