“Is this in Latin?”

“Is this in Latin?”

The Indian Supreme Court has taken exception to the incomprehensible language used by the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

The Supreme Court was so bemused by a 2017 judgement from the Himachal Pradesh High Court that they asked “Is this in Latin?”

Now before anyone rushes to judge the Supreme Court justices as being linguistic snobs, sneering at their country cousins, just take a dekko at the judgment in question :

Did you read anything more deliciously incomprehensible in your life?

(Actually, more on that anon).

For now, though, feast your puzzled eyes on this judgement, and make of it what you will.

Or won’t πŸ˜›

It reminds me of those fridge-magnet-y things…you know, a collection of random words, and you can play with them, or make funny sentences out of them?

Just Googled it – they’re called fridge magnet poems. Like so:

This judgement reads as though it might well have been concocted from random fridge magnets:

“…making strenuous effort, to, bely the recitals borne therein…”

My favourite phrase?

Oh, that would be “earmarking the factum” πŸ™‚

So, let’s earmark the factum, shall we, as I share with you a link to another Himachal judgement that was, surprise surprise, written by the very same Justice Sureshwar Thakur who wrote the above gem.

The esteemed justice is a man of many words.

Many, many words.

Do read the article, as it’s hilarious, but here’s my fave extract:

β€œFor   pronouncing  an   efficacious    decision  upon  the aforesaid facet imperatively when obviously the  bar of res judicata besets  the plaintiffs against theirs  instituting a fresh  suit against the defendants vis-Γ -vis   the  aforesaid relief  preponderantly  when it accrued earlier  whereat it stood  un-ventilated by the plaintiffs significantly when  they   omitted  to  avail   the   apposite  statutory mechanism whereupon they  stand forestalled besides interdicted to in a freshly  constituted suit  canvass a relief  for its removal by the defendants comprised in the latters  standing mandatorily injuncted to  remove it  whereupon the  act  of  the  defendants comprised in theirs  obstructing the path  decreed for user  by the plaintiffs would hence  stand rendered  un-redeemed, ought to  not  be  necessarily borne  in mind.”



Earlier in this blog, I asked you if you’d read anything more deliciously incomprehensible, remember?

I am now going to undermine my own statement, by reminding you of a blog post from almost 5 years ago, this time starring not the Himachal High Court, but the ahem, er, umm, the Supreme Court…yup, the very same court that was today bemused by all that earmarking the factum.


Now THIS is embarrassing πŸ˜›

β€œβ€¦a few disquieting thoughts that have lingered and languished in distressed silence in mentation demand expression at the parting with a pulpit touch…”


  1. Devyani Rao

    Christine Pemberton I’m sharing with my lawyer friends! If ever I were to have had any regrets about not going in to legal practice here, all I’d need to do is to go back and read this!

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