Breaking news! Delhi’s Covid curbs are further eased

Breaking news! Delhi’s Covid curbs are further eased

So, as I type (in woolly gloves, I might add, since my study is an ICE BOX) there is breaking news on the curbs in place in Delhi.

Night curfew stays.

Weekend curfew goes, which means, woo hoo, I can go for a long run this coming weekend.

Schools remain closed.

The odd/even restriction on shops and markets has been lifted.

There are updates to the rules about cinemas, weddings, and restaurants, too.

So, a gradual easing back to some form of “normal” – for some of us, at least.

Here’s a link with all the details and, who knows, fingers crossed, next week I might be able to share news of even further easing of the situation here.

In the meantime, let’s hope people don’t go crazy, and that all the existing rules continue to be followed. People in my ‘hood all seem to be wearing masks – since we only go to the park, that’s where I mainly observe my fellow citizens, and I must say, most people run and walk in their masks, which is encouraging.

So, here we go, Delhi friends – stay safe. Enjoy that extra bit of freedom we are getting, but be wise. Mask up, and stay prudent.

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