India is (sort of) open for business

India is (sort of) open for business

Despite everything that’s still going on in the world/in India/in Delhi, I am beginning to feel cautiously optimistic that there is – at long last – an end in sight to the trauma of the last 2 years.

This feeling of cautious optimism actually started a few days ago, when we went to Rishikesh to celebrate the birthdays of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Getting out of Delhi, meeting up with people not seen for a minimum of 2 years and even longer, felt amazingly liberating.

I also white-water-rafted for the first time ever, in the fr-fr-freezing Ganga, which made me feel very proud of myself. Scary, but I did it.

Then yesterday came the news that India is scrapping quarantine requirements for travellers, which I guess means the country is kinda open for business again. I posit that flight restrictions may well also be lifted at the end of this month – it would make logical sense, I guess.

Delhi still has night curfew, but since we are still not really going out and meeting people, it absolutely doesn’t affect us.

AND let us not forget the weather. Delhi weather is PERFECT right now. Absolutely perfect.

Just chilly enough to require a light fleece or warmie, but with a deep blue sky. It’s the kind of weather that makes me wish there was a whacking great “pause” button I could press, and make the weather stay like this forever 🙂

Nothing like sunshine to make me feel better, so all in all, a mood of cautious optimism that the gloomy tide might finally be turning.

Back in the “real” world, elections started this week and will gone on for weeks more: since the country is so huge, elections take place in phases, even within one state. Indian politics make me frustrated (largely because I can’t vote) and the mood in the country is still frighteningly polarised. The attempts to whitewash and fudge the truth about the Covid crisis last year are shameful.

The evil story that I shared with you 2 weeks ago still haunts me, but the news-cycle has, predictably, moved on, and the horror and trauma are no longer front page news. Not any page news, to be honest.

I’m not ignoring all that, I’m absolutely not.

But for now, in my little world, things seem more hopeful than they did a few weeks ago.

Onwards and upwards, India!


  1. Annemarie Barnes

    Glad to hear it, Christine!! I’m sure you loved the white water rafting. Surprised you’ve never done that before! One of my favourite activities!
    Ah how I wish we could travel again but 2022 looks pretty much shot for us. At least we live in a beautiful country. Hope you can get out of India soon to visit your kids.

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