“This was no Don Juan…”

“This was no Don Juan…”

There was a weirdly fascinatingly story in my paper this morning. It’s about a 5′ 2″ con man who has married at least 27 women and defrauded banks of vast sums of money.

Here’s the link to the story, which is an odd, sad tale of a con man preying on women.

I started reading this in a light-hearted way, especially given the brilliant intro:

“When Bibhu Prakash Swain emerged from the rented car, the squad was flummoxed. This was no Don Juan. He was a portly man barely 5 feet 2 inches tall, with a trimmed, bushy moustache.”

Now that is great scene-setting, I must say.

However, as you read about this cheat and swindler, what emerges is a decidedly sad story of lonely women feeling pressurised by society into marriage. At whatever cost.

Yet it’s not as though this bloke chose ignorant, uneducated women – a chartered account, a doctor, 2 advocates were just some of his victims – so it all goes to show. Marriage is preferable at all costs, rather than being single.

As the journalist succinctly remarks:
“…I search a porson how having good understanding to menten are good resource of family values” he wrote about himself.

His poorly worded introduction should have been a giveaway but…”

Not content with cheating all these women, Mr. Swain cheated banks, which worries me far less. It’s called due diligence, fellas.

But rather alarmingly, in the final paragraph of the article, there’s a claim that he might have been stealing kidneys.

What an exceedingly nasty bit of work this man is.

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