Delhi is 95% back to normal

Delhi is 95% back to normal

I’m not absolutely sure of that 95% claim, to be honest, but the fact of the matter is that – with the exception of schools – Delhi is now a-l-m-o-s-t back to normal.

Night curfew is lifted.

Restaurants and cinemas can operate at 100% capacity.

People can once again stand in the buses – the “no standing” rule has been strictly enforced by bus marshals.

The DDMA has decided to withdraw all Covid-19 related restrictions, along with night curfew in Delhi as COVID-19 cases continue to fall. Schools to function fully offline from 1 April… The Delhi Disaster Management Authority, or DDMA  has reduced the fine for not wearing a mask from ? 1,000 to ? 500.

So, hybrid schooling will be in place for the next month, but come April 1st, we are, touch wood, back to normal.

Until then, we still have to wear masks – though the fine for not wearing one has been reduced – & maintain social distance (NOT a natural concept in this crazy crowded country).

All that remains to be seen is what happens on Monday, when the current international flight bans expire.

Will all flights resume? Or will we still have only the current “bubbles”?

Also, will mask wearing also be discontinued or is that here for the duration, I wonder?

But it is WONDERFUL news that we are edging back towards some semblance of normality.

I for one CANNOT WAIT 🙂 🙂


  1. Rehana Fazli

    Yesterday, in Islamabad, I walked out of three chemists shops, after creating a scene over people not wearing masks! In the fourth, only one customer wasn’t wearing a mask. He apologized, and I was able to purchase the medicines I needed to get!

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