And 2 years on, we have flights!

And 2 years on, we have flights!

Dunno where to start.

Can’t bring myself to comment on the horrors in Ukraine, nor on the Indian election results.

The count isn’t over yet, but it appears that the BJP is sweeping back into power, bar the state of Punjab.

As I said, not commenting.

WAY too many trolls out there.

So where’s the good news, do I hear you ask?

Well, here goes – as from 27th March, all flights to/from India are to resume, 2 years after they were cancelled.

We’ve had “bubble” arrangements with thirty odd countries – sadly not the 2 countries where my children live – but now we are, apparently, gonna be fully open for business.

That is good news, though the 2 of us won’t be jumping on a plane any time soon. We have 2 trips to the mountains planned for the coming months, so until early May, despite the availability of flights, we are staying in India.

To be honest, the thought of flying over a war zone is distinctly unappealing, and who knows when that horrid mess will end?

I now realise how hopelessly naive I was, when I thought that the world might emerge a better place from Covid – and yet here we are, warring away. Refugees streaming out of their country. Bombing. Death. Infrastructure ruined for years to come.

Anyway, India is technically opening up, which, as I said, is a good thing.

Now let’s see what the post-election scenario in the country looks like.

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