And India is open again!

And India is open again!

Yesterday, Sunday 27th March, all international flights in & out of India resumed after 2 years.

And in a nice coincidence, we went out last night to our first “proper” party after…well, you know, after more than 2 years. We went to the wedding reception of the son of old and dear friends, and bar the waiters wearing masks, everything looked 100% back to normal.

Gorgeous outdoor location.

Stunning flowers.

Live music.

People dancing.

Actually it felt not 100% normal, more like 99% normal – just the waiters wearing masks indicated that this was March 2022 and not winter 2019/20, before Covid upended our lives.

Virtually all Covid restrictions in India have been lifted, bar the need to wear masks in public places, and maintain social distance – which is a super difficult thing to impose in this crowded country. But last night felt like a very tentative first step on the road to normality.

And in other news, though a cold-weather-hater of note, I could do without the crazy abrupt transition from needing a hot water bottle 10 days ago to 40C this week. Spring hasn’t really sprung at all, just made a fleeting appearance, as we hurtle towards summer.

Today, our minimum temperature here in Delhi was 21C and it is currently 38C.

We have draped our shade cloth.

We have put out water bowls for the birds.

There are water bowls for our 2 dogs in about 4 different places in the house, and at this rate, I’ll soon start putting ice cubes into their water bowls.

Returning to Delhi this weekend, after 10 glorious days in the hills of Himachal probably makes the heat seem more extreme, but since we are heading back up to the mountains in 3 weeks (yaay) I went through the curious ritual this morning of putting my winter clothes away, except for my hiking & climbing winter clothes, if that makes sense.

Delhi is now officially shorts & T shirt weather, so getting out my down jacket for Ladakh felt distinctly odd 😛

Anyway, here’s to new beginnings, as the country re-opens.

Let’s hope business picks up and the economy revives.

India has suffered too much, and Delhi perhaps more than any other city in the country, traumatised by the death and suffering of last year.

We can never forget what happened. Never.

But I am so relieved that there is finally light at the end of that dark tunnel. We will still be cautious, will still wear our masks in public places, but there is a definite feeling of life restarting.


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