A mysterious gift from the ocean

A mysterious gift from the ocean

Since I returned to broiling hot Delhi last week, tired but very proud of my high altitude run in Ladakh, I have felt knocked sideways by the brutal heat, and simultaneously depressed by the non-stop communalisation of this country – the latest story is that right wing Hindus are ”demanding” that any Delhi streets named after Moghul rulers be renamed, and also that the iconic Qutb Minar also be renamed.

There have been demolition drives, bulldozing peoples’ homes and shops.

All sad and very scary.

So the following slightly mad piece of news that I’m going to share with you cheered me up no end, I can tell you.

Apparently “a mysterious gold-coloured chariot washed ashore” on a beach in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh earlier today. A local cop said, and I quote:

”It might’ve come from another country. We’ve informed Intelligence and higher officials.”

I tend to agree with @aparna on Twitter who said;

”It’s from a silly wedding I bet!”

BUT I really hope she’s wrong. I do so want this to be a mysterious chariot from another country, I really do.

The latest theory is that it might’ve washed up from Thailand, during the recent cyclonic conditions, but whatever it is – Thai temple or a bit of blingtastic wedding decor, it’s certainly a WAY better story than all the silliness happening here in Delhi.

I love the villagers hauling it up the beach.

I hope it brings them all lots of happiness and innocent notoriety.

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