No grandchild? Right then, we’ll sue you

No grandchild? Right then, we’ll sue you

This truly is one of those bonkers-yet-slightly-disturbing #onlyinindia stories.

Man gets married 6 years ago.

Couple does not produce a child.

His parents file a case, suing them for lack of grandchild.

Could not make this stuff up…

Here you go:

An Indian couple are taking their son to court demanding that he and his wife either produce a grandchild within a year or cough up almost $650,000.

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad say that they exhausted their savings raising and educating their pilot son and paying for a lavish wedding.

Now they want payback.

“My son has been married for six years but they are still not planning a baby,” the couple said in their petition filed with a court in Haridwar last week. “At least if we have a grandchild to spend time with, our pain will become bearable.”

The compensation they are demanding – 50m rupees ($646,000) – includes the cost of a wedding reception in a five-star hotel, a luxury car worth $80,000 and paying for the couple’s honeymoon abroad…

The parents also forked out $65,000 to get their son trained as a pilot in the US only for him to return to India unemployed, the paper said.

“We also had to take a loan to build our house and now we are going through a lot of financial hardships,” the couple said in their petition. “Mentally too we are quite disturbed because we are living alone.”

The couple’s lawyer, Arvind Kumar, said the petition would be taken up for hearing by the court in northern India on 17 May.

Beneath it’s initial hilarity, there is a distinctly darker side: the usual family-first/but obviously man’s family first/in-laws/patriarchal mindset. (Please don’t miss the tell-tale “we didn’t care about gender, just wanted a grandchild” comment, to which my cynical side replies “Yeah, right.”).

Here’s a lawyer weighing in – from his comments, I imagine he’s representing the man’s parents

There is – naturally – no mention anywhere as to what the wife thinks – probably not much of her in-laws, I’ll posit – nor as to the couple’s private wishes. Her parents don’t feature in the discussion.

The idea that you pay for your child’s education and training and then they “owe” you a child (at the very least) is repulsive and one has to hope that this case will get thrown out of court next week. With the in-laws having to pay costs.

I checked the story on Twitter, and thank goodness there were a lot of Indians criticising the parents for their mercenary attitude, and questioning how they arrived at the cost/value of a grandchild, but there was – predictably – some support…the Twitter handle + the use of the flag does indicate a certain, ahem, point of view…

“Is the boy impotent?” As I said at the outset, you couldn’t make this stuff up


  1. Liz

    This one made it to the UK Times newspaper! As ever I’m sure there are two sides to the story. ‘Owing’ them a grandchild is just an extension of the obligation placed on (some) children to put their parents first no matter what.

  2. Mad Shenker

    And of course with the pressure the couple are under to produce grandchild/ren an under pressure fertility issue has arisen. (pun may be intended in response to last twitterer) and maybe there is a real fertility issue. Maybe the pair just do not want to have kids. Are the couple financially able to support a child considering all the pennies were put towards the lavish wedding, car etc.. so many thoughts.
    I’m shocked not shocked at the ‘owe’ the parents mentality, mostly because we’re in the 21st Century.

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