Delhi is beyond hot

Delhi is beyond hot

It is 8.30 on a Saturday morning and I am cowering indoors, planning a day of tread-milling and netflixing, instead of venturing outside to exercise.

It is SO damn hot here in Delhi, and the morning papers are forecasting an even further severe heatwave today. There is talk of Delhi hitting 47C today.

So I’m going against every one of my instincts and preparing not to step outside all day. I usually can’t get through a day without a walk or a run outside. I think I’m hardwired to be outdoors, but quite frankly this crazy heat is simply too much, even for this self-professed lover of heat.

I am not risking heatstroke just to be able say I went for a walk.

I am of course privileged in that I have the option of staying indoors.

We have fans and A/cs and fridges to keep our food and drink cool…luxuries beyond the pale for so many people in this country. We also have steep electricity bills, I might add.

But we can and do shield ourselves, and our staff, and their families (and our pets) from the brutal climate in this city. For the record, we have the opposite problems in the winter, when it is freezing cold and horrifically polluted, but we’ll leave those problems for another day, shall we…though I might add that I do wonder why on earth we continue to live in such an extreme city…but I’ll also leave that problem for another day!

So me and mine are sheltered. We have access to water, despite the stern warnings on our residents’ association Whatsapp group about the dire water situation in the city.

Do not get me started on the sudden frenzied bull-dozing drive here in Delhi, again illegal encroachments. Destroying peoples’ homes and businesses is wicked, any which way you look at it, but to do so when people are reeling under a heatwave is even more wicked.

Do not get me started on the societal inequalities and our central government’s priorities.

There is no way one person can solve the problems in this country/city, and certainly not a keyboard warrior like me, so I do the best I can in my own little world.

For everyone reading this in northern India, you know exactly how it is, so please stay as cool as you can, hydrate well and take care.

Don’t forget to put out water for the birds and squirrels and stray dogs.

Carry frozen water bottles in your car to give out to the poor pavement dwellers.

We’re all in the heatwave together.


  1. Catriona Child

    Well said! And another tip for Dilliwallahs… if you don’t already do this – please collect the water from your AC to put on your plants – it will take a tiny bit of the strain off Delhi’s stretched water resources.

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