The heat is (still) on!

The heat is (still) on!

Earlier this week, on Sunday 15 May, it was the hottest day ever recorded in Delhi.

2 places in the capital breached 49C.

That’s over 120F, my friends.

That is seriously, life-threateningly hot.

Life here in Delhi during this heatwave is uncomfortable, to put it mildly, but for the likes of us it’s all down to the size our electricity bills. so we turn on the A/C and ruefully accept that the next bill will be unpleasantly big.

But for those poor souls who do not have access to electricity and endless supplies of cold water, or those people who have to work outdoors, life is horrific right now.

Think of security guards, and the traffic police, of delivery people and construction workers…actually, it really doesn’t bear thinking about.

I read a report in my morning paper this week about the increase in hospital admissions for cases of dehydration and heat exhaustion, and the sad fact is that the majority of cases are women, and disproportionately it is women manual labourers.


Because they don’t drink water during the boiling hot days BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO TOILETS.

There is so much heart-break at every level in this country.

I am being a total wimp, despite actually being a hot-weather fan, but these days the city is SO hot and SO polluted, there is little incentive to step out and run. Instead, I’m working out in my lovely new basement “gym” (am so ridiculously chuffed with my workout space…might bore y’all with a blog about it 😛 )

But back to the heat.

We’ve battened down the hatches, as it were.

We have draped all our outside spaces in shade cloth, to try and reduce the glare and to protect our plants.

We put water out everywhere for the birds and squirrels.

My diet these wiltingly-hot days consists largely of salads and lots of fruit. Drinking lots of water, especially with ORS. Simple stuff, but it works.

And we have no option but to sit tight till the monsoons come…

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