Oh dear oh dear, Inspector Yadav!

Oh dear oh dear, Inspector Yadav!

Some days, this blog just writes itself.

With, of course, just the teeniest bit of help from the madcap-ness that is India 🙂

Like this front page story in my paper this morning:

“EXPLOSIVES TAKEN TO COURT AS CASE PROPERTY GO OFF” read the headline, and the accompanying story was every bit as good as promised.

In the state of Bihar, one sub-inspector Yadav, a conscientious copper, decided to bring seized materials (suspected to be for bomb making) to court with him as evidence.

Rai was carrying the bombs in a box which he placed on the table of the assistant prosecution officer concerned when the explosion occurred.

Bystanders said they initially thought the sound was of a tyre burst which is common in the area which remains choc a bloc with vehicular traffic. However, they realized what had happened upon spotting Rai, covered in soot and writhing in pain.

Investigations were on to find out whether the bombs were defused adequately before being brought to the court, said the Pirbahore SHO.

You couldn’t make this kind of stuff up, could you?

A laptop was blown up, and luckily the overly zealous Inspector Yadav is fine and out of danger.

So all’s well that ends well, though you have to wonder what was going through the mind of the poor bomb-disposal chap called in to sort Mr. Yadav’s mess out…

PS: in the interests of full disclosure, and before any of you lovely eagle-eyed readers point out the apparent discrepancy in the name of the good inspector:

  1. my paper, the Hindustan Times, called the policemen Yadav.
  2. the 2 other sources I consulted online called him Rai.

Where’s that shrugging-your-shoulders-in bafflement emoji when you need it?!

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