In which I learn that I live in a heat island

In which I learn that I live in a heat island

Not what you think, oh reader dearest.

Not. At. All.

I have this morning discovered that the reason for the monsoon still not arriving in Delhi is, and I quote the venerable Hindustan Times: “…showers largely gave Delhi a miss over the weekend, which experts said could be due to the heat island effect…”

The local weather boffins have been much criticised over the past week, as they told us that the monsoon was finally coming…oh hang on, no it’s not…oooh here’s a heavy rain alert…oh no, cancelled…

And much more of the same, day after hot day, day after sticky day, day after humid day.

And NOW I learn that it is all the fault of this heat island I inhabit 😛

“The urban island heat effect occurs when cities replace natural land cover with dense concretisation that absorbs and retains heat.”

Fully get it, BUT we’ve been concretised here for years, so what’s new this year?

And how come other concretised cities are getting monsooned-upon, then?!

“…the heat being generated from these urban heat islands can sometimes cause rain clouds to evaporate faster, and therefore, they are not able to reach the heart of the city. That is what could be happening in Delhi.”

“Could be”?!!

Whatever it is, we are apparently not getting pukka rain until the 16th. And today is only the 11th.

Crikey Moses.

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