“Solution in 72 hours…”

“Solution in 72 hours…”

It’s been a while since I had a cracking flyer tucked inside my morning paper, but today’s your lucky day, dear reader 🙂

This thing of beauty tumbled out of my copy of the venerable Hindustan Times this morning.

Please take a second to peruse it, and we then we’ll have a little chat, OK?

I am intrigued that the first problem is “love marriage consultation.” Speaks volumes.

Ditto the fact that if you are “upset with in-Laws Contact Immediately”. It’s like a snapshot of what worries people.

But the one that tickled my fancy was the alarming-sounding “If you are Harassing or Blackmailing any Neighbor, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Then Meet For Immediate Solution”.

I presume it’s a grammar thing, and what Pandit-ji actually means is “if you are being harrassed or blackmailed”. But, hey, you never know 😛

Anyway, folks, there you have it.

Every kind of personal problem can be solved by the good astrologer. Wonder if he can tackle the global stuff like pollution, inflation, climate change…

Oh yes. Note for non-Hindi speakers – “kundli” means horoscope.


  1. Anne

    ?. I am bewildered by ‘mothers and sisters who do not have children’. I thought mothers DID have children….. as you say, intriguing – thanks for sharing Christine

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