Of colonial legacies and Her Majesty the Queen

Of colonial legacies and Her Majesty the Queen

My news feed is decidedly schizophrenic right now. (Am I even allowed to use that word these days? Or is it too un-PC?)

Let me explain.

One the one hand, there is continuous, frenzied, “breaking news” stories about the morphing of Raj Path into Kartavyapath about which I blogged yesterday.

In a short while, our PM, Mr. Modi, will inaugurate the new-look road, in what promises to be quite a show.

Doubtless there will be much talk of winkling out all that pesky colonial legacy…à propos of which…

…there was a brief, solemn announcement from Buckingham Palace about the health of HM Queen Elizabeth, which does not augur well.

I am constantly checking the BBC website, since Twitter is just too stressful and unpleasant about the poor dear lady. Some comments there are indescribably nasty about Her Majesty’s failing health, so I am avoiding reading them.

It stuns me that people can be so vicious.

You don’t like a 96 year old lady who is obviously in rapidly declining health? Fair enough. Just stay quiet.

Anyway, I am feeling prematurely gloomy, and the dichotomy of India ridding itself of high-profile colonial vestiges at the very time the Queen is declining is, well, dichotomous, to say the least.

My forever home is most definitely India, but that doesn’t stop me feeling sad for the ol’ home country right now.

Over and out.


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