Photo of the day – Namaste Bombay

Photo of the day – Namaste Bombay

…and before you jump all over me, telling me “it’s now called Mumbai”, I know, I know!

Just bear with me for a mo, and all will be clear.

It is 40 years this month since I first visited India.

40 years.

I can’t remember exactly when I flew to India but I think it was around the 8th January, so I’m starting the nostalgia-fest a few days early.

I went on a business trip to Bombay, as Mumbai was then known, fell INSTANTLY & TOTALLY in love with the city – and, by extension, the country – and within 3 weeks met the man who is now my husband, so yes…that was quite some business trip 🙂

I stayed at the Taj, and my first ever photo of the country that is now home was – predictably – this:

Like so many of you, I suspect, I am scanning and trying to digitise old photos, and this poor thing had turned all shades of red, so I tweaked it a bit, but the sky still looks rubbish and not the deep blue I remember.

Coming from London in January, I remember being blown away by the blue sky 🙂 but just couldn’t figure out how to tweak the weird colours here 🙁

I give you Bombay on a sunny morning +/- 8th January 1983.

You have been warned…a major trip down memory lane is heading this way.

Bombay meri jaan.



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