Photo of the day – Major FOMO

Photo of the day – Major FOMO

I am majorly FOMO-ing about Bombay/Mumbai at the moment, and for all kinds of reasons.

  1. I have had to drop out of the Mumbai Marathon this weekend, due to stupid eye problems. This fab race – the best event in India, I’m tempted to say – is back after 3 years. So it will be AMAZING. And I’m missing it. Super irritated, to put it mildly.
  2. Part of the anticipation of being in Mumbai (above and beyond racing) was that this month marks 40 years since I first arrived in India, and I’d planned a week of revisiting all my haunts.

Obviously, I can go to Mumbai any time and wander the streets reminiscing about 40 years ago, but it would’ve been nice to do it day-by-day, to the day – 40 years on…but anyway, it is what it is, as the saying goes.

So, let me share my photo of the day, one which neatly links both 40 years and the marathon.

I give you Marine Drive in January 1983.

Mid-January 1983

And, if things had been different, I’d have been running along Marine Drive almost to the day, a mere 4 decades later :)

You don’t need me to annotate the photo. But I shall, of course, do so :P

Please note the lack of traffic.

And how few people there are.

And those bell bottoms!

The inevitable standing and staring.

And, of course, snakes on Marine Drive.

A moment in time ‘n all that jazz, and it would’ve been amazing to run along this beautiful road, but things have panned out differently.

Still a great memory, though, right?


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