How do lions and dragons get upstairs…

How do lions and dragons get upstairs…

…they take the escalator like everyone else 🙂

Cue Chinese New Year celebrations in Bangkok, where we are at the moment.

One of the glitziest malls in the city is Icon Siam and we went there today to do a few odds ‘n ends, and also to check out the CNY vibe.

Which was crazy.

The mall was beyond packed. It was a sea of red (the traditional colour to wear on New Year’s Day) and, best of all, there were lion and dragon dances.

There were various performances, including a breathtaking one with the dragon balancing on poles, but the biggest and happiest performances were lions and a dragon wending their way through the mall, calling into shops, dancing, posing for photos and – naturally – getting their “hong bao” (red envelopes containing cash) in return.

Great fun to watch.

And even greater fun to travel on the escalator with them!

We had a brilliant Anglo-Indian-Thai-Chinese New Year, watching many lions and dragons dance in different places all over town, and wandering through a jam-packed Chinatown, with good natured crowds and red lanterns galore and food everywhere!

Kung hoy fat choi!

Xian nian hao le!

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