40 years ago today…

40 years ago today…

…I went on a Bombay City Tour, for the princely sum of Rs25.

As part of my Major Trip Down Memory Lane Because I Am Getting Old, I have been leafing through old albums and scrapbooks.

For the record, I was a great scrapbook-er at one time, carefully pasting in receipts and postcards and hotel brochures. It didn’t last, of course, like so many good ideas, but I sure wish it had, because digging through my old India memories, I’d never have remembered that I spent all of Rs25 to be guided around Bombay.

I would’ve been collected at 2.30pm, since I was staying at the glorious Taj Mahal Hotel, on my first ever visit to India.

As part of my tour, I definitely remember visiting the Taraporewala Aquarium – and, let’s be frank – being totally underwhelmed by it…just in case you think that my current wave of nostalgia is colouring all my memories :)

PS – out of in interest, can anyone tell me:

a) what 1983’s Rs 25 would equate to today?

b) how much does a Mumbai City Tour cost today?


  1. Ess Vee

    “The inflation rate in India between
    1980 and today has been 2,145.68%,
    which translates into a total increase
    of $536.42. This means that 25
    rupees in 1980 are equivalent to
    561.42 rupees in 2023. In other
    words, the purchasing power of $25
    in 1980 equals $561.42 today. The
    average annual inflation rate between
    these periods has been 7.69%.”

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