Ahoy there!

Ahoy there!

Clearly, 40 years ago, I was a busy young gal about town.

One day I was shelling out Rs 25 for a Bombay city tour – see yesterday’s post, if you will – and 40 years ago today, there was I getting membership of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club.

Like so:

“He has been so informed…”

It was a one month membership, which seemed a good idea at the time, since I was there on a business trip, but the following weekend I met my now husband who was a very active sailing member of the RBYC, and so that was that!!

Meaning I didn’t really need to stand him the drinks, since he was a member :P

So, yes, despite being gently chided by my Bombay/Mumbai-based friend Anish for hoarding stuff, I am actually quite chuffed with this particular memory.

Especially since I am now a fully paid up member of the fabulous RBYC :)

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