Hanging out with the dogs in the Lodhi Gardens

Hanging out with the dogs in the Lodhi Gardens

This morning I went for a 14km walk round the Lodhi Gardens with my running/walking partner-in-crime Ripu.

In between catching up on January’s news, we also stopped and petted and fussed over the many stray dogs that live in the Lodhi Gardens. It’s clear that these critters are loved and fed, as they are all nice and even – if the truth be told! – a tad portly.

Many had the coats that so many Delhi dogs wear in the winter – some brand new, some clearly hand-me-downs.

These dear creatures are super friendly and clearly expect love/cuddles/food from everyone.

Giving my running trousers a quick lick…
A BRAND NEW coat, with the price tag still attached 🙂

They even have their own Instagram feed 🙂

It is the sort of heartening, caring stuff that makes me so happy, and restores my faith in humanity, if I’m being honest…

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