Delhi was TOO beautiful this morning

Delhi was TOO beautiful this morning

The weather at the moment in Delhi is absolutely perfect.

Still chilly enough for a light jacket in the early morning, but once the sun is up there’s an amazing blue sky (despite the ever-present pollution) and the flowers are out…though they are quickly reaching the end of their short, pretty lives, if the tulips in the Lodhi Gardens are anything to go by…all stalks and no petals, sadly :(

I trotted slowly round the Lodhi Gardens this morning, clocking up 12km whilst ooh-ing and aah-ing over how pretty everything looked – just as I did 3 days ago, when I also went for a morning run in this gorgeous space.

This short weather window of perfection is – well – short, and so I’m making the most of it.

The traffic on my return from the Lodhi Gardens was a different kettle of fish – decidedly unlovely, crazy hectic, crazy noisy, and so, inevitably, a lot of the early morning zen-ness disappeared.

It’ll be back to my local park for the next couple of days, while the G20 meeting is on, as the traffic will be beyond insane.

Anyway, enough of the Delhi traffic and back to the Lodhi Gardens, which were looking ethereal this morning.

Isn’t that light magical?
The poppies were a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y fat and gorgeous
Too good!

I met the one and only Elvis (below).

Here he is, Lord of all he surveys :)

There was a pre-wedding shoot (below).

Obviously, on such a gorgeous morning.

I managed a slow 12km this morning, which equates to many, many, many chatty rounds of the Lodhi Gardens, with my partner-in-crime, Ripu, for company:

Oh, yes.

“How do you know the resident stray is called Elvis?” do I hear you ask…?

Follow this lovely Instagram account & you’ll find out all their names!


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