WHAT a plonker

WHAT a plonker

Seriously, man!

If you are going to steal public property, at least don’t get yourself, your driver AND your number plate caught on camera.

On a video that gets shared online and goes viral within hours.

Like so:

By way of context:

Delhi and the neighbouring satellite town of Gurugram (the satellite town formerly known as Gurgaon 😛 ) are currently being poshed up because of the ongoing G20 meeting.

And apparently one Mr. Yadav allegedly decided he could use some of the potted plants which have been put out to beautify Gurugram (formerly known as Gurgaon).

This happened yesterday.

Today he has been arrested.

His car has been seized.

And what did he steal?

According to this morning’s Hindustan Times, and I quote:

“Officials said hydrangea, dahlia and marigold plants were among those stolen.”

“We have recovered the stolen plants along with the pots. We have also seized the car, Kia Carnival. The vehicle was registered in the name of Yadav’s wife,” he added. 

Vij said that police will also recover the stolen plants soon. He added that the accused will be questioned to know the reason why he stole the plants.

But wait! The plot thickens Mark I.

According to one website yesterday, Mr. Yadav was in a car with a VIP number plate.

Ah ha! The plot thickens Mark II.

Today we learn that one of Mr. Yadav’s friends – who works for the government – allegedly told him to “pick the plants” (sic).

Officials said Yadav had told police after the arrest that one of his friends works in Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority who had called him at the spot to pick the plants. 

Police said they were corroborating the information provided by Yadav.

Mr. Yadav

But lo & behold! The plot thickens Mark III.

According to the First Post website:

“The car with VIP number plate is purportedly owned by YouTube influencer Elvish Yadav’s family.”

First Post then goes on to share photos of Elvis with some government ministers.

But Elvis has strongly rebutted this claim, in what can only be described as a robust manner:

In a statement issued in Instagram stories, Yadav said, “A rumour is making rounds that Elvish Yadav stole flower pots. Everyone knows which car I own and the number it carries. I bought Porche recently, which is yet to get registered. The Fortuner I have has the number 0001. I do not have a KIA car. There are hundreds of cars in my meetups. That does not mean I own all the cars. I used that car in a meetup, as it has a sunroof. I just wanted to see the public and wave at them. I am taking legal action against one [who started the rumours].” He sarcastically added, “Fix yourself, else I will steal flowerpots from your home,” and laughed.

Yadav said such rumours would not hamper the meetup schedule. “Do you think I would steal flowerpots? I will steal girls’ hearts. I will steal the hearts of haters’ mothers. I have a lot of flowerpots at my home. I have neem and pipal trees at my home. I do not need more flowerpots,” he added.


SO much to ponder here…from stealing flowerpots to stealing the hearts of haters’ mothers.

Watch this space.

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