Help!  Who was the celebrity singer I saw today?!

Help! Who was the celebrity singer I saw today?!

So this morning Himmat and I toddled off to the Thailand Dive Expo here in Bangkok, and jolly interesting it was, too.

Gazillions of stalls, more wetsuits and BCDs than you could shake a stick at, and loads of fab new underwater camera gadgets (we might just have retail therapied a bit).

All great fun.

There was also a wedding expo taking place in the same venue – the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, by the way, is MASSIVE and so well designed, but I digress.

So, yes, the wedding expo.

Large-ish crowd watching the bridal fashion show.

Then suddenly SCREAMS and this young man appeared on stage, in a cloud of bubbles, and the whole place went mildly berserk.

There were hundreds of people watching him & filming him & screaming along, and the people on higher floors, and on the escalators, were all craning their necks to watch him.

I was entranced by the whole thing – the bubbles, the dry ice, the cloak, the gentle waving at the screaming crowd – but I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS CHARMING YOUNG MAN IS!!

Can anyone enlighten me?


The young man sang.

People screamed.

He waved.

People screamed.

And then he did the final show-stop-y thing with all the girls in bridal dresses.

It was all so fab that I almost screamed along as well :)


  1. Nadine Currimjee Quane

    Christine Pemberton well it may be him or it may be a K Pop singer too or someone else entirely… But this is as far as Google got today! I thought the bubbles may help us pinpoint the celebrity but no cigar…

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