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April 13th, 2010

The Japanese Wife…

…is a lovely film, and to be relished.  Christina and I went to see it this afternoon at Vasant Kunj, and it is an absolute delight.

Filmed in a mix of Bengali, English and Japanese (but sub-titled throughout) it is a sweet, slightly old-fashioned love story.  It takes place in the Sunderbans, which is somewhere that has been on my Absolutely To Be Visited List, and now even more so after the film.

I arrived at the Mall at the same time at some VVIP, whose motorcade swept by us in a flurry of flashing lights and wailing horns.  2 cars with the Presidential logo + pilot vehicles + 2 police cars + sleek looking vans + an ambulance.  Mall security told me it was an “MP” but I have my doubts.

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