Bangkok travel update

Bangkok travel update

This update is for anyone in Bangkok, who is planning on going to the already-very-iconic Icon Siam Mall on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.

The free ferry from Saphin Taksin (the busy transport hub just across the river) is no longer free.

Yeah. Bit of a bummer.

As of a couple of days ago, the ferry crossing is now Baht 10 each way. It only takes a few minutes to cross the river, and the free ferry was fun.

Realistically, the ferry is still the most practical way to cross the river – obviously, you can always walk to Icon Siam, but that involves schlepping up and over the bridge, and then walking along busy Charoen Nakhon road, and in the fierce summer heat, that is honestly a bit daunting.

Otherwise, Baht 10 it is.

You are very welcome.

PS: do NOT let the Baht 10 put you off from visiting Icon Siam, which is great fun (and this is from a total non-shopper/non Mall lover, like me.)

You are very welcome Mark II.

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