A quick hello and namaste from Guwahati

A quick hello and namaste from Guwahati

I am back in Guwahati (Assam) after a little more than a decade, which is a decidedly scary thought. I mean, how on earth can 10 1/2 years have gone by so quickly?

(Asked myself the same kind of question à propos my son, whose birthday it is today. How on earth did Hari get to be so grown up? Search me…)

Anyway, yes, back to Guwahati.

I am overnighting here, before setting off early tomorrow morning on an exciting 8 day jaunt through Arunachal Pradesh, so am feeling very happy and very thrilled.

Really looking forward to visiting Tawang, amongst many other gorgeous things that have been lined up for me.

Apparently it’s going to be cold in Bomdila and Tawang, and I have come suitably armed with warmies, which seem incongruous in Guwahati’s melting heat and humidity, but I’m following the Boy Scout’s creed of being prepared 🙂

My Guwahati-based friend Sanjay Thakur sweetly met me at the airport, and the years rolled back as we chatted and caught up on family news. Can’t say I recognised much of the city as we drove in from the airport, but it was certainly bustling with lots of construction and road building.

I’m aiming to keep updating the blog as I travel. Plus there will be Instagram updates (my Insta handle is christinepemberton. Dead easy, right?)

So, logging off for now from steamy Guwahati.

Next update will be from Arunachal.


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