Hey! Wanna see an 18th century hair-dryer?

Hey! Wanna see an 18th century hair-dryer?

An 18th century hairdryer – yup, I kid you not.

And no, I haven’t been imbibing, in case you were wondering 😛

Let me explain.

I went to Delhi’s revamped Crafts Museum this week, and amongst all the rather serious pots and vessels and baskets and lamps was this…

Since I couldn’t figure out what it was, in the interests of further educating myself, I obviously had a look:

This, dear reader, is an 18th century Punjabi hair dryer.

Still don’t believe me?

Here you go:

Oh ye of little faith!!

I was absolutely tickled pink by this fab piece of 18th century engineering, and seriously, how much more stylish is it than the 21st century versions?!

Bit more space consuming, admittedly, but utterly fabulous.

Don’t ever let people tell you museums are boring 🙂

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