The times they are a changing…

The times they are a changing…

’tis the time of year when, like so many people around the world, I sit down and write my annual Christmas end-of-year newsletter, with our family news and updates, and look ahead to the new year and what it may hold.

Time gone by and time to come.

Nothing like the last week of a year to make you think about time, right?

So have I got THE most amazing time-related story for you, and one which is going to upend all our perceived notions of time and date.


Mr. Mohan Yadav, the newly minted Chief Minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, gave one heck of a speech a couple of days ago.

A speech that literally has global implications.

I am quoting the good gentleman here, who just took office on December 11th, but has clearly got off to a cracking start:

“We will prove that Ujjain (a city in Madhya Pradesh) is the global Prime Meridian…” and said that he would push to “correct the time of the world.”

I TOLD you it was earth-shattering news.

“It was our (Ujjain’s) time that was known in the world, but Paris started to set the time and later, it was adopted by the British who considered Greenwich the Prime Meridian.”

Yadav was referencing an ancient Hindu astronomical belief that Ujjain was once considered India’s central meridian and that the city determined the country’s time zones and time differences. It is also the basis of time in the Hindu calendar. Ujjain, the belief goes, is located at the precise point of interaction with the zero meridian and the Tropic of Cancer.

As if this were not path-breaking enough, Mr. Yadav “also took umbrage at the extant accepted idea of midnight.”

“The world has two types of living beings – one who is awake during the daytime and another awake at night, so what is the logic behind changing the the day at midnight?”


I urge you all to read the full account of his speech, because there are lots more things the Chief Minister wants to change, including the Gregorian calendar.

I, for one, shall wait with baited breath to find out if we will live our future lives based on GMT or Ujjain time.

2024 looks set to be interesting.


  1. Sanjeev Chhabra

    On the popularity bandwagon,
    By hook, crook and clock!

    These history (and now time) changers crawling out of the woodwork makes one wonder if we have add another type to the already populous Qs of IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ.
    I propose DQ: Desperation Quotient- to your 15 seconds of fame

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