Sending chilly Lohri greetings

Sending chilly Lohri greetings

Good morning, dear reader, from Delhi, where I am fashionably huddled next to a small, totally inadequate heater.

It is 5.45 in the morning and I actually have NO idea why I’m awake, to be honest.

It is still totally dark out, the temperature is a bone-chilling 5C, and with an AQI of 500 in the severe category, there is obviously no question of heading out for a run, which would be my usual motivation for getting up so early.

I mean, why would anyone run in the cold and dark and fog and 500 AQI…

So why on earth am I awake?

Just wish I knew the answer.

Today up here in north India, it is the festival of Lohri which, the Hindustan Times informs me, “is that point in time when the Earth is closest to the sun hence, the festival marks receding of the winters and the beginning of a new harvest season.”

Did you see those magical words?

Receding of the winters.

Bring. It. On.

I have a core belief which I am happy to share with you, on this frozen chilly morning, and it goes like this…I am more than happy to be cold when there is a logical reason for it.

Like climbing a mountain.

Or traversing a high mountain pass.

You will never, ever hear me moan about being cold when I’m climbing or high altitude trekking. Because that is part and parcel of being in the hills, and exploring and discovering the beauty of the mountains.

But what I call “pointless cold”?

Like sitting in my own home, shivering and staring out at the swirling mucky fog?

Wearing gloves indoors, with my (climbing) hand-warmers in my pockets?

No Siree!

So let me wish you all a very happy Lohri, folks & here’s to that lovely “receding of the winters.”


  1. Julian Parr

    And Lohri and Pongal just added tonnes of carbon into the air as everybody lit wood fires to celebrate and didn’t read that memo that wood and coal open fires are banned in Delhi. Happy Lohri/Pongal !

  2. Ruby Khangura

    Read your article after ages due to the hectic school rigmaroles. Couldn’t have enjoyed the article more! Not only is your vocabulary par excellence and style of writing lucid, the interspersed wit makes it irresistible!
    Kudos to you and look forward to more!
    Happy Lohri to you and Himmat.

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