OK, January, that’s quite enough.  Begone!

OK, January, that’s quite enough. Begone!

I saw the following quote online:

Winter forms our character and brings out our best.”

(Tom Allen)

Well, dear reader, if this is indeed true, I clearly have ZERO character and ZERO best to bring out. Because winter ain’t bringing out anything in me, other than increasing layers of thermals.

Let me state on record that January 2024 has been THE l-o-n-g-e-s-t January in the history of the universe and, barring one afternoon (last Saturday) when it was nice and sunny, here in Delhi it has been cold + foggy + grey + polluted + shocking AQI.

For 30 days.

Actually for 30 1/2 days, because Saturday morning wasn’t all that great, only the afternoon.

So. For 30 1/2 days the Delhi weather has been rubbish.

And this afternoon, as if all the above were not enough – IT POURED DOWN!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will see that just about every morning this month my #coffeepicoftheday has also featured this seriously dismal weather.

Cold/grey/foggy outdoors.

Cosy & caffeine-y indoors.

That kinda vibe.

2 weeks ago, on the occasion of Lohri, which is supposed to be the coldest day of winter here in north India, I shared with you my core belief that being pointlessly cold is – well – pointless.

I won’t rehash the blog – the link is above, please read it ๐Ÿ™‚ – but essentially I am prepared to put up with cold if there is a logical purpose. Like climbing or trekking. But just tootling around in my own neighbourhood and freezing my little socks off? Nah!

So I for one cannot wait to see the back of this month, trusting that February will be glorious and warm and sunny. The polar opposite of January, in other words.

In case you think I’m just being a typical whinging Pom, the Hindustan Times 100% backs me up.

Re the weather.

Not the whinging Pom bit ๐Ÿ˜›

“Delhiโ€™s nights this January were its coldest since 2013, the days were its coldest since 2015, even as the air was its most polluted since 2016, showed data from monitoring agencies, underscoring what has been a month of weather extremes for the national capital.”

This was my “view” this morning:

And this was this afternoon…


  1. Tanu aggarwal

    January 2024 in Delhi has been brutally long with cold, foggy, grey, and polluted days ???. Barely any sunshine except for a brief moment last Saturday. Really tested my tolerance for the cold with no adventure in sight ?. Here’s to hoping February brings warmth and sunshine ??. #DelhiWeather #JanuaryBlues

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