Tale of an old lady. By an old lady

Tale of an old lady. By an old lady

On Sunday, the streets of central Delhi were full of dozens of the loveliest old ladies in the country.

’twas the annual Statesman Vintage Car Rally and the procession of gorgeous vintage and classic cars was a feast for the eyes.

An impressive number of people showed up to admire the cars before the judging, and the atmosphere was relaxed and fun as gorgeous old cars were warily parked by their proud (but sometimes apprehensive!) owners.

Reverse parking a left-hand drive American classic car ain’t for the faint-hearted.

My husband usually participates in the rally, showing his 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, which is still under renovation, but this year he decided to take a break. So I went with a friend who has a cute, bright yellow 1935 Austin Healy, and great fun was had by all.

With Shoki at the wheel, and yours truly wafting her Insta360 camera aloft (while also trying to map read) we took part in the drive from central Delhi to Noida and back.

To be honest, the drive was a bit hair-rising at times, because of the insane traffic in Noida. Everyone was smiling and happy thumbs-upping and trying to take photos, which was lovely, but it was a bit noisy and hectic.

Baby Austin, as she is known, behaved herself impeccably and we didn’t have any technical issues at all. She tootled along at her max speed of 20kph with Shoki expertly navigating the cars and tuk-tuks and bikes coming in close for a friendly “hello” and photo op. Think bikers trying to take a selfie with us while on the move…

Big surprise at the first check-post: it was manned by a former running mate of mine Manav Aggarwal – we ran the Ladakh marathon together – so that was a fun but very brief re-connect :)

Baby Austin won the award for “the most consistently participated car”. A fun day was had by all, and now she rests up for a year – sadly these beauties are no longer allowed on the Delhi roads without special permission.

And to round up a super day, here is one of my Insta360 videos for you, which I think makes for fun viewing – don’t miss the birds circling overhead :)

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