Gosh! Diving and praying underwater

Gosh! Diving and praying underwater

A couple of days ago, India’s indefatigable Prime Minister prayed underwater.

He was in his home state of Gujarat, in Dwarka, a pilgrimage centre and temple town, with strong links to Lord Krishna.

There are legends and stories galore about the submerged city of Dwarka, and so Mr. Modi went underwater and prayed.

Like so:

Mr. Modi wore civvies, as you can see, so I guess the water temperature was nice and warm – no need for a wetsuit.

As you can see from the video below, Mr. Modi did it in style – red carpet on the sea bed – but I harbour no such desires.

I just wanna see a submerged city.

Over the years I’ve read and heard the odd thing about underwater exploration of the submerged city of Dwarka.

I quote Wikipedia:

Archaeological investigations at Dwarka, both on shore and offshore in the Arabian Sea, have been performed by the Archaeological Survey of India. The first investigations carried out on land in 1963 revealed many artefacts. Excavations done at two sites on the seaward side of Dwarka brought to light submerged settlements, a large stone-built jetty, and triangular stone anchors with three holes. The settlements are in the form of exterior and interior walls, and fort bastions. From the typological classification of the anchors it is inferred that Dwarka had flourished as a port during the period of the Middle kingdoms of India. Coastal erosion was probably the cause of the destruction of what was an ancient port.

This sounds SO exciting, though I fear some of the images online of the underwater city are more wishful thinking than reality.

However, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be proved wrong, so if this image (above) and the ones below are actually of Dwarka, then I am one crazy happy gal :)

The thought of being able to dive on a submerged city is beyond thrilling.

My favourite dives are wreck dives, but this would be a whole new dimension, diving in a submerged city.

I really need to research this more and find out if mere mortals like myself can dive there.

Quick aside: the press claims the Prime Minister went scuba diving, but as a scuba-diver myself, I’d nit-pickingly describe his descent more as helmet diving, though there were several scuba divers with him.

This morning’s paper tells us that there has been a surge of interest in diving at Dwarka – well, look at me, for one! – but I think it’s more likely to be helmet diving that’ll be on the menu, rather than pukka scuba, judging by the following comment from one Anshika Gupta, tour advisor at Universal Adventures:

“Visitors can reserve 15-20 minutes for (approx) 10-metre dive.”

Anyone who can tell me more about this, please let me know. I will be eternally grateful :)

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