Hello!  Remember me?

Hello! Remember me?


I really have been taking things a bit too easily on the blogging front. Haven’t “chatted” with you in weeks.

I do have a legit excuse for being MIA. I’d NEVER wilfully neglect you – cross my heart & hope to die!

Basically, in our household, several of us have been poorly, in varying degrees.

There seems to be some viral thingy doing the rounds and I certainly got it.

If you follow my running account on Instagram (hint hint, if you don’t already 🙂 ) you’ll have seen how I’ve been grading my recent runs as “less rubbishy than yesterday” because that’s generally how I’ve felt for the past 5/6 days – absolute rubbish, with a persistent cough, zero energy, heavy legs. Nothing bad enough to take me to see a doctor or (other than the first day) take to my bed, just a general feeling of malaise.

And yet there are hectic things happening in this great, amazing country and so I must rouse myself from my heat-induced torpor and soldier on.

The Indian general elections kick off on April 19th, in just a couple of days, and will go on for weeks, with the results due on 4th June.

Basically the whole extraordinary electoral process, which takes place in phases, given the enormous size of the country, will be during the hottest time of the year, the weeks leading up to the monsoons.

Electioneering is not for the faint-hearted here.

Delhi will vote on May 25th, by which time it will be brain-fryingly hot, but with our Chief Minister & leader of a popular opposition party already in the clink, who knows how things are going to pan out here.

To add to our woes, we are being told that this summer is going to be brutally hot, and so political parties, companies, schools are all already talking about the measures they are taking to try and beat the heat. Or at least to mitigate its effects. There’s talk of ORS being provided to the crowds gathering to listen to politicians. Delivery companies are trying to adjust hours, to give their staff a respite from the afternoon heat. Driving round in the sun, delivering pizzas and Amazon deliveries is also not for the faint-hearted, poor things.

We are privileged and I never forgot that.

Just the fact that we have electricity (though power cuts are more frequent of late) and access to clean water – SO not a given for millions of people in this country.

And so we do what we do every year. Help in whatever little way we can.

I’ve just ordered a new 10L water flask for the chowkidar, who puts it on the ledge by the gate, so passers-by can avail of cool, clean water if they need it.

We put out water bowls for the birds and squirrels – every balcony has shade cloth as well, to try and reduce the fierce heat a little. I wouldn’t want our nursing bulbul and her chicks and our sitting-on-her-eggs dove to be too hot, now, would I?!

Running now takes place super early, to try and beat the heat.

I get up around 5 most days, and head out to Nehru Park while it is still “only” in the low 20s C.

The advantage is that I get to see the sunrise most mornings, which is always a joy.

The disadvantage is that I am out like a light by about 9pm. I’m a social disaster, in other words 😛

To those of you in India, keep cool – literally and metaphorically – and let’s all try and be kind to one another. Even a simple little gesture like putting out drinking water can help.

To those of you in cooler climes…enjoy on our behalf 🙂

India will almost certainly feature a lot in the international news over the coming weeks, as the electoral juggernaut journeys from one corner of the country to the other. It is pretty amazing – from the Himalayas to the ocean, from the desert to the jungle, in villages, in slums, in big cities – millions and millions of people will vote.

Stay tuned.

Stay cool.

And I’ll nurse myself back to better health and regular blogging. Pukka.

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