India to host the 2037 Olympics!

India to host the 2037 Olympics!

Hello, dear reader, after w-a-y too long.

By way of excuse for the long silence here, there’s been a fair amount of Stuff with a capital S going on, and I find the days rush by with very little time to blog.

But today I am carving out time to sit and chat with you, and bring you up to speed.

And with some super exciting news (which I gave away in the blog title, I now realise…)

Anyway, first let me do a wee bit of scene-setting to start.

First things first, for those of you not in India, we are in the midst of general elections.

In a country as massive as India, the elections take place over weeks, in different phases.

Delhi will vote this coming Saturday.

Second things second 😛 for those of you not in India, and especially those of you not in Delhi, we are in the grip of a heatwave.

Parts of Delhi hit 47C yesterday. That’s 116.6F.

It is brutally hot.

And, third things third 😛 😛 the moment you’ve all been waiting for – yes, India is hosting the Olympics in 2037!


Don’t @ me, telling me the Olympics are in 2036 not in 2037.

I know, I know, I know.

But, and here’s the thing – we got a flyer from our local BJP candidate, one Ms Bansuri Swaraj, daughter of the late politician Sushma Swaraj, and she says India is hosting the Olympics in 2037.

Like so:

I read this painstakingly in Hindi (go me!) but when I got to the 2037 Olympic games bit, I didn’t trust my own translation abilities so I resorted to Google translate.

Like so:

Well, well, well, I thought.

Who’d’ve thunk it?

How did I manage to miss the whole successful Olympic bid by India PLUS the change of date from 2036 to 2037!!

HOW could I be so ignorant?!!

Next stage, I Googled it (obviously I did) and found this online:

The BJP has declared that if it is re-elected for a third term at the Centre, it will “facilitate the Indian Olympic Association to bid for hosting the Olympic Games in 2036”.

In its official list of promises, the party announced that it will officially host the Olympics in the country in 2036 if it assumes power.

“We will facilitate IOA to bid for hosting the Olympic Games in 2036, and develop sports infrastructure like stadiums and state-of-the-art training centres to host major international sporting events,” said party’s manifesto. 

Accha…so, actually, my news is not quite as exciting as I initially thought, but anyway, you are now officially up to date, with the Olympic news. And the heatwave. And the elections.

To all my Indian readers, and especially my fellow Delhiwalas – stay cool.

And please, Delhi, go vote on Saturday!


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