Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!

Hello there everyone, after an absolute age!

How are you all?

Well? Safe? Happy? Healthy?

Won’t you tell me what’s happening in your world?

For some of you, I can take an educated guess at what might be on the cards in the next few days, especially where politics are concerned.

Some of you will – I trust – be voting in the British elections the day after tomorrow.

Others will be voting in the 2nd round of the French elections, to be held this coming Sunday.

Many of you, I know, voted in the recently concluded Indian elections – I was in the Himalayas on a climbing expedition with no connectivity when the Indian results were announced, but with the help of a transistor in our Mess tent at Base Camp (how divinely retro, right?!) we got the gist of it.

And how am I, do I hear you ask?

Aww, you’re too kind.

Well, In a nutshell – I’m lolling around in Bangkok on my post climb R&R.

My climbing trip to Kedar Dome was super, but more exhausting than I realised – I’m also getting older, let’s face it :( – so these 10 days in Bangkok have involved minimal exercise (most unlike me) and mid-afternoon naps (also most unlike me) and a craving for salty food (TOTALLY unlike me!!)

I head back on the 4th to Delhi and to what sounds like crazy rainy and crazy humid weather.

Since by then it will be high time to stop lolling around, snoozing and eating, I’ll just have to suck it up, get my A into G, and restart my running and training régimes.

Given the brutal Delhi weather, getting back to running will definitely involve very early mornings, to try and beat the heat and humidity. But as it happens, my poor old body is still on what I call mountain time – meaning I’m ready to turn in around 7.30 most nights :P :P – so early mornings won’t frighten me.

Being in Bangkok, in this friendly, stress-free city, has been just what I needed – I mean, commuting by boat to our closest supermarket is pretty darn cool, right?

Crucially, there is street food available everywhere and at any time of the day, so when I suddenly announce “I’m starving” to my husband, and he looks at his watch muttering “It’s only 11.20, way too early for lunch”…I know I can snack on some street food, and then have lunch at a “respectable” time :)

Dunno why I’m so hungry after this expedition, but it is what it is…meaning, of course that all that weight loss after the climb is slowly creeping back…do I mean that? Can weight loss creep back? (Anyway, you all know what I mean…I’m not as thin as I was 10 days ago :P )

So voilà, you’re up to date with your still-a-bit-exhausted correspondent.

I had an absolute blast in June, seeing stunning beauty, pushing my limits, and then recovering in the sun.

My home from home at Camp 1

Onwards and upwards and all that jazz, for the second half of 2024 :)

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