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April 27th, 2010

Hair !

Anjulie, Abhimanyu and your blogger at large went to see an open air performance of “Hair” at the Garden of the Five Senses last night, and good fun it was, too.

Gita and Shoki Bhatia were there, as were Emma, Andrew and Rebecca Horne.

The show was fun, though the acting was a tad stilted and the sound system let the actors down badly in the second half of the show.

I had forgotten just how good the music is, and was dying to stand up and dance and show my age, but :

(a) we were sitting on a steep slippery bank (seating is definitely a problem at that auditorium)

(b) no one else was dancing and I have already traumatised Hari and Anjulie enough in the past by dancing in the aisles at concerts. (Jo’burg. Bjorn Again. Every single Johnny Clegg concert).

So it didn’t seem fair to ruin the child’s last evening.

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  • Emma

    Hope you not feeling too blue – although I must say our house does seem rather empty. Last night was fun but I couldn’t agree more re the sound system and the very slippery slope – i have a rather dodgy hip this morning which I am sure is something to do with wedging myself on the said slope – whilst trying to not spill a bottle of beer. We finsihed the evening with a jolly dinner at Magique – yummy food – and then ended up dancing with some of the performers!! not bad for a Monday night!!

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